Community Profile Basics

When you join the Coach’s Harbor Community, the recommended first step is filling out your profile.

Go to the Welcome button and the drop down will show you all your basic navigation for the Community.

  • Your Account – an overview of your account and where you can submit a support ticket.
  • Members Directory – see everyone that is part of the Community
  • Harbor Log – the Coach’s Harbor Log
  • Your profile avatar and link to your profile
  • Messages – where you can see messages that are sent to you.
  • Notifications – shows you notification for you
  • Profile Settings – START HERE – where you can change the various settings on your profile
  • Account Settings – your password, email and notification settings
  • Widget Settings – About me, skills, quotes, etc.
  • Your Friends
  • Groups – click on the title to see the group directory.
  • Who’s online – see all members that are online
  • Search Forums – search all forums in the community.

Once in your Profile Settings you will be able to set your avatar photo, your cover photo, your basic information and all of your social media and widgets.