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21 Ways to Manifest Money in YOUR Business

There are countless ways to manifest more money in your business. Consequently, the trick is to find the methods that work best with your core belief system and values.

Give Up Control

While it is good to be specific when setting up goals and planning how to attain them, be careful of thinking that is too rigid. Telling the Universe that you want to increase your income in a specific way with a specific outcome can blind one to unexpected opportunities and methods.

By all means, have a specific intent, but allow the Universe to deliver in its own unique way.  It is often much better and more generous than the rigid outcome you were expecting.

Let Go of Everything that No Longer Serves its Purpose

If you want change to happen, make room for it. Get rid of old clothes, furniture, knick-knacks—even your old car.  

What you are doing when you de-clutter is letting the Universe know you are ready for better things. You’re literally making room for abundance.

De-clutter Your Emotions

It’s all well and good de-cluttering your closet or your office, but be sure to spring clean other areas of your life. What habits and thoughts have you been clinging on to that no longer serve you? Let them go. Fire them. Give them permission to leave.

Take Action

A journey begins with one step. Until you take that step, you are sitting still. Signaling your intent to the Universe by taking action can be the most powerful manifestation technique possible. Feeling is not doing!

Be Grateful for the Smallest Sign

Remember that when it comes to manifesting, sometimes the smallest action can cause the biggest paradigm shift. For example, picking up a dime and thanking the Universe for the beginning of money being attracted to you.  This simple thing can be the start of more flowing in. 

Adopt a Success Mindset

Stop clinging to old, negative self-messages.  ‘I’m doomed to be poor’ thinking will end up blocking abundance at every turn. There’s no magic to overcoming this. Simply make the resolution that from this moment forth you will focus on the successes in your life. 

Seeing all the ways in which you do move towards a better life can be the most powerful manifestation technique of all. 

Give When You’re Lacking

When things are really tight, there’s a natural tendency to go into Fear Mode, and focus on the big hole in the boat. This leads to lowered vibrations as we let fear paralyze us.

Next time you are facing tough financial times, look outward. Donate to a cause you care about. Giving when it hurts is a powerful way to raise your vibrantion and signal your trust to the Universe.

Watch Your Words

Words can be powerful and can create your reality. Therefore, illiminate words that dis-empower you, like ‘someday’, or ‘one day’ or ‘in the future’. 

Instead, substitute phrase like ‘I am going to …’ (as in “I am going to the Bahamas on July 15”). Once you make a clear plan and commitment, you will find all sorts of ways to move toward that goal, and it will become a reality.

Create a Success Playlist

It’s a well-known fact that music can energize or depress. Create a playlist for yourself that fills you with beauty, hope and energy.  Listen while you’re working, taking a break, or whenever you need a soul boost.

Take Care of the Practical as Well as the Mystic

Remember to pay your bills and track your finances. Having a clear picture of where you are at can help focus your manifestation efforts.  Moreover, paying even the smallest amount on bills is empowering, as well as smart.

Acknowledge Fear 

Being positive is not about denial. It’s not about yelling ‘I open myself to the abundance around me’ when you have just lost your biggest client.  Your gut will tell you pretty quicly that you’re delusional. 

An ancient Oriental proverb goes, “my enemy is my teacher.”  Adopt that approach to fear. Use it as a learning tool and a motivator, and let it empower you.

A positive attitude is about facing your fear and acknowledging it. Not being derailed by it. Facing your fear can teach you that you have the power to deal with it, rise above and meet your goals. 

Don’t Wait for Permission

One of the negative mindset traps we can fall into is ‘waiting for permission.  Waiting from the Universe, from our market niche, from our spouse—or even from those long-lost voices in our heads.

Don’t wait for signs that you ‘deserve’ to become wealthy. Write yourself a note. It should go something like this: “I grant myself permission to start receiving abundance in all areas of life.  To become wealthy and financially free.”

Have Fun Becoming Wealthy

Too often money and finances are sources of grim stress and despair. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve got—or lack—right now.  Taking a few moments to have fun with becoming wealthy takes away its power to paralyze. Then helps keep you in touch with your creative, spiritual side—essential to prolific manifesting.

Pay for the next person’s coffee. Get yourself the super-deluxe Frappacappamochaccino, once in a while. Buy yourself a bunch of roses instead of that single carnation you usually purchase. Better yet, buy a bunch of roses for someone else and surprise them. Treat yourself to those ridiculous sunglasses with dragonflies on each wing. Spend a couple of hours making a folk-art decorated Money Box to keep small change in.

It doesn’t matter if the treat is big or small; for you or for someone else. Take the time to have fun with your money: That’s the way to help it become your New Best Friend.

Meditate and Exercise Daily

Don’t neglect either: Two powerful ways for clearing blockages from your body and mind.

It doesn’t matter if you devote only five minutes per day to these two powerful battery rechargers: It will make a difference to your physical well-being, emotional clarity and energy vibrations.

Take the ‘Odd Giant Step’

Small actions that move us towards our goals are important.  However, if you really want to rocket boost your manifesting, get out of your comfort zone. Give yourself permission to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Sign up with that coach you’ve admired for the last three years. Get out of her free Facebook Group and invest in a coaching package.  Even take her high-end boot camp. 

Book that vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years. Indulge that childhood dream—the one your father always scoffed at.

Acknowledge Your Power

You have the power to manifest anything you want. It’s called CHOICE.

Choice is your biggest gift. You can choose to focus on doubling your income or you can choose to wallow in misery. Allow yourself  to add passive income to your money manifesting strategy. Avoid choosing to put up with a miserable, soul-sucking client… or ‘fire’ her and free yourself up for a new client who is delightful to work with.

Choice is neither good nor bad, but it’s up to us whether or not we decide to make good that empower us and move us forward or  choices based on inertia and fear.

Acknowledge that only you have the power to choose the life you’ve always wanted.

Use Tools that Rule

Don’t keep buying cheapie courses or the economy version of a piece of technology. Invest in the best: The best and fastest computer, the VIP Mastermind weekend instead of the $10-a-month Basic Membership and the best VA instead of a fly-by-night cheapie contractor whose work you have to correct.

Share Your Dreams and Goal

A dream or a goal that is kept secret is one you’re not really sure about. You’re not sure if you deserve it or if can do it. 

Start talking about your dreams and goals with people you trust. Sometimes, that person can provide an unexpected key piece of your puzzle, or even just encourage you and cheer you on.

Maybe when you actually put something into words, you will give yourself big clues and trigger cool insights that move you forward.

Use Tangible Tokens

Objects are not always just clutter. They’re not always ‘pretty but useless’. 

Sometimes objects can be become powerful tokens or symbols of success. That’s when they transform into inspirational tools.

For example, that big piece of amethyst you dug up at the Amethyst Mine on that fantastic day last summer when you gave yourself permission to play hooky from work. Your giant-poppy umbrella that you bought on vacation in Seattle. Anything that triggers feelings of hope and happy memories can remind you that you can do anything you want.  Because you already did it, at least once in your life.

Be Specific

This is such a basic tenet that we hesitated to include it.  But it’s also one of the most important things to remember when getting ready to manifest. 

Setting a specific deadline for a step to be completed. Be  specific to the Universe that you want a brand-new car this time.  Look for a specific type of VA to take care of specific needs. This sort of thinking and planning will move you toward your goal without back-tracking, stalls or hitches.

Use Physical and Energy Healing to Boost Manifestation Power

Incorporate some form of hands-on healing that releases those stubborn hidden blocks that nestle deep within our bodies into your manifestation strategy.

Reiki, Yoga, EFT, massage, interpretive dance classes—all of these modalities help to release physical and energy blockages.  Some as deep-seated as childhood; many of which we’re not even aware.

Be kind to your wounded inner child. Take her out for a play date by booking a physical or energy healing session.

Finally, remember that merely wishing you had more money is called ‘day-dreaming’. Desire, naming your goal and taking action is what starts the journey towards the finish line.

What action will you take today toward manifesting more money in your business (and more joy) in your life?

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