Oh NO Mailchimp Suspended

Mailchimp Suspended My Account – I Don’t Care

Your Mailchimp Account is Suspended

Just a couple of weeks ago I got this email from Mailchimp:

“Sending has been disabled due to a high unsubscribe rate. Your campaign, … generated an unsubscribe rate of 3.88%.
Not only did they suspend this particular campaign, but they suspended ALL sending from my account!

Reasons this didn’t make sense

  1. This campaign is generated from an add that I run on Google Ads that promotes an Assessment. Once they take the Assessment, they are added to my email list. They are clearly informed when they put in their email that they will be receiving additional valuable information. I state that clearly, but let’s be honest, everyone that fills out a form with their name and address can almost surely expect to receive additional contact from the creator of the form. I have been running this funnel for about 5 years.
  2. Is an unsubscribe rate of 3.88% really considered a bad thing? This literally means that 96 out of 100 people still wanted to hear what I had to say or were interested in receiving more information. Even if that number is double, I am OK with that. In fact, I generate so many contacts from this campaign that I go in and delete hundreds of emails every few months to keep my costs down.
  3. My list when I received this email had over 10,000 subscribers. My bill from Mailchimp was averaging about $125 month. (Would have been much higher if I had not trimmed down my list).

Mailchimp’s Resonse

The first step in trying to get this mess figured out was to fill out a form stating where the contacts were being generated from and why I thought my unsubscribes were so high. I filled out the form, but also let them know that I was not unhappy with the unsubscribe rate.

After giving them the information they requested, this was Mailchimp’s response:

“Please note that this is not a legitimacy in regards to what you’re looking to achieve with the automation, though to preserve the deliverability for all our customers, we must closely enforce the thresholds for unsubscribe rates monitored by ISPs. This is why the account was suspended and updates would need to be made to mitigate the number of unsubscribes being received going ahead.”

An ISP is simply their Internet Service Provider. So email providers such as Mailchimp claim that they are monitored by their service providers for spam and so forth. (Why this important to them, could be a whole other blog).

What I decided to to about this Mailchimp Suspension

What Mailchimp wanted me to do was put in place a double opt-in and then what they call a “post sending action” which basically means that the contact would be unsubscribed automatically after the first email in my funnel if they didn’t open it.

I simply wasn’t willing to do that. So what did I do? I clicked the button that they provide to export my entire account and I closed my account. Why would I do that? I did it because I found a better way.

What is the better way?

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Mailchimp is not the only tool that I am closing out because I won’t need any of them anymore. I will have everything in one place.

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