Most coaches are overwhelmed by technology.

Coach’s Harbor is the only system needed to understand, market, and automate your professional coaching business so you can simply concentrate on how you want to change the world.

Jessie Brown

Kim Morse

How we came together to help you!

My name is Jessie and I am a Co-founder of Coaches Harbor. In addition I am currently the Editorial Manager at WP Mayor and have been involved in the WordPress community since its inception and have run several successful websites over the years, including membership sites, online shopping platforms, and virtual social networking sites.

Most recently, I have been focusing my efforts on teaching and mentoring individuals and small businesses in professional growth, innovation, and technical skill development to ensure a powerful online presence. I strongly believe that one of the most disheartening experiences an entrepreneur can have is feeling helpless when trying to keep up with the ever-changing and often mysterious world of online living/working.

I try to live a balanced and eclectic lifestyle on my beautiful 50ft sailboat, SV Pearl Ann immersing myself in activities like making jewelry, drum circles, practicing martial arts, and doing yoga. I also enjoy traveling, reading, and dancing. Although I try to stay balanced, most people who meet me get to see my quirky side.

I am a Master Relationship coach and I obtained my certification from the Relationship Coaching Institute. I later went on to get my PCC with ICF. I have always been an entrepreneur.  Before becoming a coach I had owned a prosperous mobile dog grooming business.   

I started my own successful coaching business and then advanced within RCI as a mentor coach and coach instructor.  I have worked one on one with coaches and have been a mentor for the business-building groups within the Relationship Coaching Institute. 

I realized that once coaches were clear about their direction, there were still many things getting in their way.  One of the main struggles was managing all the technology systems that were needed to run their business and look professional. This was leading to so many coaches just giving up on their dreams.  

I, too, felt that these coaches felt helpless in embracing the world of online living/working. So together we embarked on building a system that we hope covers most of the frustrations a coach encounters online. 

Jessie and Kim became good friends through their love of sailing and both were living on their boats with their husbands.  Jessie was helping Kim and Kim was helping Jessie.  

Jessie and Kim realized that they both had a passion for mentoring and helping entrepreneurs and there seemed like no greater merge then Jessie’s technology talents with Kim’s coaching experience.    They had both helped so many on their own but it was time to join forces!

COACH'S HARBOR was born.