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5 Online Tools for Your Coaching Business

If you’re like most coaches, you wear a lot of hats. You’re not only responsible for coaching your clients, but you also have to manage the administrative side of your business. You must keep track of your finances along with marketing your services. There is a lot to stay on top of—and it can be tough to do it all yourself. Luckily, there are plenty of online tools that can help you manage your business more easily. These five online tools will help you run your coaching business like a pro.

1. Appointment Scheduling Software

If you’re still scheduling appointments manually, it’s time to make the switch to appointment scheduling software. Appointment scheduling software makes it easy for your clients to book appointments with you online—and it’s a huge time saver for you, too. With Coach’s Harbor, gone are the days of back-and-forth emailing (or even worse, playing phone tag) to schedule a single call. Simply send your clients a link to your branded booking page, and they can see your available times and schedule an appointment that works for them. Best of all, the appointment feature integrates with both your CRM and Marketing tools. Do you use Google Calendar or Zoom? Great – it integrates with those as well.

2. Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

A CRM is a must-have for any coach who wants to scale their business. A CRM helps you keep track of your leads and customers, so you can nurture your relationships and grow your business more effectively. Coach’s Harbor CRM is a great option for coaches because it’s designed specifically for organizing information about your client.  With Coach’s Harbor CRM, you can manage your contacts, deals, and pipelines all in one place. Plus, the platform features that you would generally only find in 3rd party apps, so you can get the most out of your CRM.

3. Contracts

E-signature software makes it easy to get contracts and other documents signed electronically—no printing or faxing required. This can be a real time saver when onboarding new clients or getting approval for important projects. Even better when your signing software is integrated with your CRM (see above). This can also be integrated with your funnels for your Welcome Documents. With Coach’s Harbor Contracts all signed documents are automatically stored in your CRM so they’re easy to find later. Contracts are included with your Business Suite with unlimited signatures, so it’s perfect for coaches who need to sign just a few contracts or many per month.

4. Payment Processing Software

Coach’s Harbor Business Suite integrates with Stripe, one of the more secure and popular online payment gateways. Our payment processing setup is easy and already integrated into your online store and CRM. Your clients purchases, subscriptions and renewal information is stored in one place – your CRM.

5 . Marketing Automation

Marketing software is vital for any small business owner—coaches included! Having the ability to create funnels, email campaigns and marketing automation funnels all in one place that integrate with your online store and CRM makes marketing a breeze. With Coach’s Harbor Marketing Tools you are able to manage all your marketing needs in one place and track the progress of your efforts. You can run unlimited campaigns, specials, a/b testing and more.

As a coach , it’s important to have the right tools in place to manage your business effectively.  These five online tools will help you save time , streamline processes , and run your coaching business like a well -oiled machine . 

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