Setting your Global Colors and Fonts

It can be a good idea to set your Global and fonts and colors for your website. It can add consistency to your site and for your brand.

The best way to set these is to go to a page that you have already created and click on the Header or Text that you want to change. Then you can see how your setting will play out for that page.

WARNING: When you change a global setting it will change it on the entire site that is tied to that setting so make sure that this is a change that you want site wide.

Once you are on the page and are ready to change our settings, you want to go to your GLOBAL COLORS. You can get there from your Site Settings or from where you want to change a color or font on text that you are working on. So when you click on the blue pencil in the corner of what you want to change, you will then choose Style.

Under Style you will see a Globe which is where you would pick from your Global settings or the Settings Icon which is where you will change those settings.

Under Global Colors is where you can set your colors. You can manually additional colors as well. These colors can then be chosen quickly and easily. Simply choose the Add Color Button and name and add the color you want.

FORGOT TO MENTION IN THE VIDEO: Every color has a code. These codes are always a # sign followed by numbers. If you have brand colors that you use, you will want to just type the color code into this section under the color picker. Or if this is the first time you are choosing this color, you can copy the code and use it in other places.

Under Global Fonts is where you can set your fonts.

As mentioned in the video. The best way to use the Global Colors is to carefully play around with how what you change effects your website. But remember, it can always be changed.

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