What does your client see?

When a new client is added to your system, they will have access to their own portal where they can connect with you or any group or forum that you add them to.

So what do they see when they log in?

Much of it works very similar to your portal and profile, except for a few differences. Their banner is different as it says Coaching Portal. This will appear at the top of any page of your website once they have logged in.

Just like you, they have their WELCOME navigation button. This button gives them the following options.

From here they can:

  • Book their appointment
  • My Homework – See their Assigned Homework
  • My Submissions – See their Submitted Homework
  • Make a Payment – Make a one off payment or pay for a program in your shop
  • Under their Hello! – They can go to and change their profile
  • Messages – See their messages from you or any other clients in a coaching group they may belong to.
  • Notifications – Notifications of messages and things added to their profile.

Their profile looks very similar to yours in your coaching office as shown below. They can change their banner and profile picture the same as you and see their groups and forums. They can also see a list of their next appointments and any media they have added or has been shared to their timeline by you or them.