Broadcast Reporting

Once you have sent a broadcast you can see the results in a report so you can validate its effectiveness.

You can find this in two different ways.

  1. Go to Business Suite Dashboard>Marketing Tools>Broadcasts. Once at the Broadcast Page click on the Sent tab and then hover the broadcast you want to see and click on ‚ÄúReporting”

2. Go to Business Suite Dashboard>Reporting>Marketing Report and choose the Broadcast Tab.

GRAPH – the graph is an easy to read initial look at the productiveness of your broadcast. Showing Opened, Clicked and Unopened.

STATISTICS – to the side you can see information about you broadcast.

  • Date Sent
  • Total Delivered
  • How many opened
  • Total Clicks – the total times the link was clicked.
  • Unique Clicks – how many unique individuals clicked the link.
  • Click through rate – the percentage of those that clicked the link in comparison to how many were opened.
  • Unopened – you can target them again.
  • Unsubscribed – the number of people that unsubscribed from this email.

CART INFORMATION – this shows you information on any product that may have been included in the broadcast.

  • Added to the Cart
  • Cart Restored
  • Orders
  • Revenue

BROADCAST LINKS CLICKED – this shows you the urls of the links in the email and how many times each were clicked.