What is a Marketing Automation Funnel?

In your Harbor Marketing Tools you have the ability to do Marketing Automation Funnels.

Simply put, a marketing funnel is a series of steps designed to achieve some goal.

The tasks that can be automated include, but are not limited to:

  • confirming emails
  • the sending of emails,
  • the segmentation of contacts into different lists also known as tagging.
  • the update of information in your contact database,
  • the creation of CRM tasks such as your Onboarding process.

The tasks are automated in response to pre-defined trigger conditions, which usually correspond to actions that your users take on your site or in your emails.

How does Marketing Automation work?

A marketing automation workflow is a series of automated actions (sending emails , tagging a contact attribute, moving a contact to a new list, etc.) that are triggered by certain conditions or actions taken by your website visitors.

With Marketing Automation, you can turn your manual and repetitive tasks into automated processes that will run in the background while you focus on your clients or other tasks. You do that by building workflows that will automatically perform actions based on behavior and data.

The best example of a workflow is automating your Welcome packet.

Steps include:

  • Client purchases your Coaching Program
  • When purchase is made prospect is sent their Contract
  • Once the contract is signed, they are sent their Welcome Letter, Intake form, etc.
  • Once the intake form is completed, they are taken to your calendar to book their first appointment.
  • Client is tagged as “Customer” and is able to log into their coaching portal.

You have complete control and are able to configure your funnel automation in any way that works for you.