How to Schedule a Broadcast

Broadcasts are used to send out a single email to a large list of contacts all at once.

To schedule a broadcast follow these steps:

Option 1: Click on the Harbor Marketing Admin Bar Widget at the top right of your screen. Click here for more information on the Admin Widget.

Option 2: Go to Business Suite Dashboard/Marketing Tools/Broadcasts

Once you click on BROADCASTS it will take you to the screen where you can configure your broadcast.

Select the Email to send. Note: Emails in DRAFT mode cannot be sent in a broadcast. Only emails that are READY will appear in your list. When you have chosen your email, click NEXT.

You can select the time you want the broadcast to go out. You can choose to schedule the broadcast in the future or send it right away by selecting NOW.

If you enable send in contact’s local time, the email will be sent at the given hour in their local time zone (if a time zone is recorded for that contact). This option has no effect if Send Now is selected.

Once you have chosen your time, click NEXT.

You can choose the filters which decide which contacts this Broadcast will be sent to. As you can see there are many choices including Name, Birthday, Tags, Location, etc. Once you have decided on the filters, the number of contacts that fit those filters will appear below showing you how many contacts this email will be sent to. Click Next when you have chosen your filters.

Here you will be shown the details of your broadcast. Check everything carefully. Once you are sure that it is correct, click CONFIRM AND SCHEDULE.

You will be now taken to the screen which will show you all your scheduled broadcasts. You can edit and or delete any broadcasts from this screen.

TIP: I find that it is best to always schedule the broadcast as opposed to sending NOW even if it is just an hour from the current time. This gives you an opportunity to fully review and make sure that everything is correct before it send. You obviously cannot correct any error once the email has been sent.