How to add Contacts to a Funnel

You can add a single contact to a funnel from their contact card. You can find a contact’s card by going to Business Suite Dashboard>Contacts>All Contacts and then clicking on the contact.

If you want to add contacts to a funnel in bulk, follow these steps.

A box will appear. The top dropdown will choose which funnel you want to add them to and the second box will let you select which step in the funnel.

Then click Add to Funnel.

First, search for your contacts in the contacts area, using either quick search, advanced search, saved search, or optin status filter.

Then select “Add contacts to funnel” from the MORE ACTIONS dropdown.

This will open a box where you can select which funnel to add the contact to, and at which step, like above but will tell you how many clients are being added.

Click on the blue box that tells you how many you are adding to the funnel.