Intro to Replacement Codes

You can personalize much of the customer experience by using replacement codes.

Where Do I Use Replacements?

Replacement codes merge in user data to whichever supported content you want, such as emails, notifications, text messages and more.

Where Do I Find Replacements?

You can see a full list of replacement codes by clicking the “Insert Replacements” button wherever it can be found.

Some of the places where the “Insert Replacements” button can be found are in the e-mail editor and funnel editor. 

You can select your code and then click Insert to paste it at the location of your cursor.

ADVANCED: You can daisy chain together replacement codes:



{first::{meta.some_key::{meta.some_other_key::Valued Customer}}}

This replacement code will look for the content contained in the “first” field, if it is empty it will look in the some_key field, if it’s empty, check the some_other_key, if it’s empty use the default “Valued Customer”